Friday, June 13, 2014

The Watchman by Javon Rahman Bertrand

“The Watchman, is a beautifully written book that simply speaks the Word of God. Watchman Bertrand speaks with wisdom and insight beyond his years. He eloquently delivers a word of truth by speaking the truth in such a way that anyone who reads it will comprehend. We live in a day and age where the church has traded the anointing for intelligence. We emphasize the "deep" instead of embracing the simplistic Word of God. Watchman Bertrand brings us back to a place of simplicity. The watchman is such an important function in the Body of Christ. They are the ones who will watch out into the night and warn the people of the attacks of the enemy. This book gives us a glimpse of the function, character, and weapons of the watchman. God truly is raising up men and women who will "watch" into the night! Lastly, this book speaks to the life of Watchman Bertrand. This book is his testimony and he truly has poured his heart into it. Watchman Bertrand has a heart after God and I truly believe that the Lord will continue to use him as a model of what a true Watchman for the Lord is supposed to look like. Job well Done!

Prophet Alejandro Baldwin
Pure Heart Ministries

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