Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Sweet Little Nothings"

Sweet Little Nothings has always been a phrase that irritated me. I never could understand why anyone would speak them or receive them. I do not want nothings I want somethings. I thought I was crazy for my thoughts because when I expressed them I was always told I thought too much. I have come to realize, rather romantic or spiritual, people desire to hear words even if they come to nothing. No manifestation, no action; people want words to make them feel "good" but do not realize they are being deceived. Words are powerful. They can bless or they can curse. They can convey love or convey hate. They carry life and death, warfare and peace, words are powerful but we tend to see them as minute and of no value.

I call myself the "wordologist" (I made that up) because I love words and how words convey a message. I believe proper words communicated effectively would prevent and end a lot conflicts. Words are misused, mishandled, ignored and overlooked until they are the words we are looking for. If you can say what I want to hear you will have me. This is not good. This is not effective for living. It is detrimental to our lives but it is how we have been living. Sweet Little Nothings are words of flattery.

Flattery is defined as excessive and insincere praise. We like flattery. But flattery is deceiving, it is not real and it is not truth. We would rather receive words of flattery than words of truth. These words of flattery have been used to manipulate men and women out of money, love and spiritual strength. Not only do physical beings use flattery but so does the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of darkness knows that we all have not gained confidence in our call or even in the place that we are in so it comes to whisper "sweet little nothings". Sweet little nothings come to seduce you.

Seduce means to draw you away from the right path. Seduction comes for your flesh and your emotions. The sweet little nothings are captivating your mind and your flesh. Telling you what you always wanted to hear but never realized hearing those words would cause you to step away from the right path because the source is perverted. Sweet little nothings seem innocent and harmless until you come to yourself with nothing because you were deceived by these harmless words. We cannot entertain "sweet little nothings" in any capacity. Sweet little nothings come with the purpose of taking from you not giving to you. They are spoken to you but they become leeches and drain you of yourself. Sweet little nothings can alter your personality.

Be careful that you are not being flattered in your flesh that you cannot discern in the Spirit. For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness; their throat is an open sepulcher; they flatter with their tongue. (Psalm 5:9 KJV) BEWARE OF THOSE WHO WANT TO FLATTER YOU BECAUSE IT IS NOT REAL! Words are powerful. Pay attention to what is said to you and who says it. Check the source of words spoken to you. Sweet little nothings are destructive words but you have the power to overthrow them by receiving the words of Christ that give life and spirit. Christ will not flattery you but He will tell you the truth. When He says it, it will become action. Words that are true to you and for you will be action that is not flattery but it is REAL!