Thursday, June 12, 2014


As I breathe, I smell the freshness of the rain
I feel encapsulated by the wetness of the drips
I am drenched in the productive nature of the rain falling
The sky is releasing a miraculous mist and I am receiving

The rain is coming down
The rain is washing away
The rain is causing growth THE RAIN!
As a child I thought rain was the tears of my Heavenly Father
Now as an adult I see the rain for it's multi-facet nature
Rain, I love the sound, the feel, the change it brings

Rain, fresh and clean
The drops hitting the ground
The drops covering the grass
The drops flooding the streets
Rain, so powerful yet so gentle
A downpour or just a drizzle
Rain, the fantastic drops of the sky

Rain, against my skin, running down my hair
Rain, my dance partner because I am dancing in the rain

As I breathe, I smell the rain
As I walk, I embrace the rain
Father, send the shower of Blessings and the showers of Blessing
Rain, dancing on pavement, speaking a foreign language
only interpreted by those in-tune with the heartbeat of the Rain Maker

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