Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Are you a SON of GOD or a son of anarchy?

We are in a time and season where some definite decisions must be made. There are lives hanging in the balance and we must know whose side we are going to perpetually, forever, stand on. Many of us have straddle the fence and thought we could exist this way until death was the last answer. I am here to tell you, straddling the fence is nothing more than a lie. Choose a side and remain there. Either it is the will of God or the will of satan, whose WILL, will you be a son of?

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Romans 8:14

Sons of God are not just people who claim sonship. A Son of God, according to scripture, must be led (instructed, guided and obedient to) the Spirit of God. All sons of God are new creatures in Christ. Our highest calling will never be ministry but sonship. Our sonship is eternal and will never end but our ministries will. 

As we are led of the Spirit we will walk and line in the identity that has predestined for us. We are not just people who are on the earth but we are AMBASSADORS of Heaven. We are legislators of the WILL of our FATHER. We are king-priest, dually mantled, to advance the Kingdom of God. We are the SALT of the earth, called to preserve that which has been left to our dominion and care. We are the LIGHT of the world, we give direction to Jesus Christ who then just direction to our Father. Sonship is more than just being a part of the family of God, it is a mandate, an assignment to change, influence and deliver the world for the culture of sin and bring them to the CULTURE of Jesus Christ through obedience. 

Sons of God must be righteous, not within their own mind but according to the WORD and leading of the Spirit. Righteousness rejoices in the truth, righteousness produces boldness and righteousness will produce self-control. As righteousness is birthed and imparted in us, we become sanctified and our sanctification will change us entirely, inside and out. New walk, new talk, new thinking to align with our sonship.

Are you willing to be led of the Spirit in all things? Are you will to lay down your way of doing things to do everything the way Abba wants it done? Are you willing to promote righteousness in these evil days? Are you willing to die for you faith? 

Sons of God will be able to undoubtedly answer YES!

God spoke to me yesterday about anarchy. I did not know what the word meant and only heard that word in conjunction with a television show. So, I went and looked it up and this is what I found: 

a situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws

Anarchy is lawlessness. Anarchy does not accept or obey laws or government. This is sin. Sin breaks the laws (instruction/commandments) of God because it refuses to live according to government. As long as we were dying in sin we were lawless, disobedient. 

Sons of anarchy fight the need to be obedient to the will and purposes of God. They are deceived, bewitched and delusional in believing that they can act recklessly and God will still receive them as sons. You cannot receive the promises of God and you are acting like satan. God is Love but love cannot reward sin, cannot rejoice in lies nor can it justify being disobedient. Sons of anarchy promote unrighteousness in all they do and attempt to make it righteous. True righteousness cannot be produced without the word of God, the law of God. 

Anarchy will keep you in a culture of sin instead of the culture of righteousness. Is sin in the world, yes, but that does not mean you have to sin. Evil is always present but you have the RIGHT to choose what you will and will not do. You do not have to be impure, immoral or sinful, you make that choice. Every choice we make has a consequence or a reward, the consequence of sin is death. Sons of anarchy are dying and not living. 

What side are you on? Sonship of God or sonship anarchy?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Meet The Author Finale Update!

February 28, March 21 and April 18, 2015 have changed my thinking and my life. These three dates were the totality of my book tour, "Meet The Author". After today's book signing which turned into prayer, counseling and prophetic impartation, I realize even more how weighty this authorship and scribal ministry is. I am honored to be anointed as OUR FATHER'S transcriber in the earth.

I want to thank God's WorldBaker's Bible & Bookstore and Discount Bible Book & Music Store for hosting Meet the Author for this book tour. Each of these stores were hospitable and gracious to me and my staff. Thank you for being a beckon in the community for DISCIPLES and SONS to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the word and our faith. 
This is NOT the end but ONLY the beginning. As Prophetess Speller said, " We have taken the city, now the region and then the world"! I receive the prophecy and I will walk it out. 
Kingdom Love ~ JRB aka Apostle J