Thursday, June 26, 2014

Change? No Change?

Many of us are scared of change. Well, let me rephrased that, we are scared of change we cannot control. We are hungering to control every aspect of what happens in our lives and in our space. Many of us do not realize it is this need for control that is keeping us bound to un-beneficial things and people. Change is good. Change is necessary. Change happens with or without you. Nothing stays the same forever. There is a constant variable of change. You have changed over the years, rather you wanted to or not. Many changes happen just because it is time.

You were a child then a teenager then an adult, that is all change. You matriculated through elementary, middle and high school, that is change. You learned a new language, got a new job, moved to another state or into another home, this too is change. Change is good. In 2014, I see so many people opposed to change. They do not want to get older, so they lie about there age. Getting older is a change you cannot control, no matter how many times you life about it. I am seeing people who do not want to change friends. They are loyal to a fault because they are unwilling to see that there is a definite change in the relationship.

I am seeing people unwilling to change because change is uncomfortable. Change even at the most uncomfortable place is necessary. Even in our faith, there must be change. We have gotten stuck a "mustard-seed faith" but all seed must grow. Growing is change. The seed is to mature into a might tree. If my faith at seed point, can move mountains, what will my faith do a tree state? We have allowed the falsehood of change being bad to infiltrate our minds. We have to take back the right thought about change.

Over the weekend, the city came on to my block and began to take up sidewalk. The taking up of the sidewalk was the beginning on a change. Those who have lived on this block for many years, sat on their porches and complained and even yelled at the workers. The workers were not in violation of anything except coming to bring change. They complained about the workers, about the sidewalk and question why it needed to happen. Detroit, is in a revitalization and renaissance, which means constant change. Not just the big part but even down to neighborhood blocks. So, every time workers should up, the neighbors would sit on their porch to watch the workers do what they were assigned to do. Staring at them like they were bring a "plague" into the neighborhood. I questioned inwardly, "Why are we, as a people, so opposed to change?" Now, I can look out my window and see the finish product. The sidewalk has been relaid and it looks nice. The change was for the better. Some of the sidewalk had begun to buckle and was an obstacle to walk on, now it is all smooth and laying flat.

Yes, this change was good but it came with opposition. I see this a lot when people come to Christ. There is opposition from family and friends and even other sources, when your change begins. They do not see the finish product, so they think the work is unnecessary. They do not understand that the change you are going through is for your own better. This opposition sometimes cause people to stop in the midst of the process. So you are nowhere near where you were and now you are nowhere near where you should be. Never forget, change is a process. Somethings are seen immediately and others are over time. A butterfly did not start out that way, there had to be a change. A car does not always look like a car, there is a process of change before you can go to a lot and get a car. You are a CONSTANT CHANGING ORGANISM. Yes, you are constantly changing. From your nails getting longer, hair growing, hair changing colors, etc, you are always chaining. Do not oppose it because it is uncomfortable or because society is not for it. Your changing makes you better. Do not fear change, change is one of the best things you can ever receive.

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