Monday, June 23, 2014

The Painting

The Painting

It is as if It just appears before your eyes
Colors, so vibrant and radiant
The strokes careful placed
The detail extraordinary
The framing is priceless
This painting before your eyes is captivating you
It is stealing your heart

It is almost like this painting knows you
It has your favorite colors
It flows as if you are thinking
However, as you continue to look
All of a sudden, the painting begins to morph
It is taking on what is not pleasing to your eye anymore
You no longer like the picture but you cannot stop looking at it
The painting is taking on a life of its own

The painting's artist is very meticulous
He has study the subject well
He knows everything he feels he should to replicate a masterpiece
The painting was his offering to you
The painting was giving to make you feel comfortable
But now that same offer is causing the opposite
The painting as vibrant and radiant is now dreary and lifeless
And implanted in your head

In retrospect, the painting was not flawless
The painting had many mistakes
But the initial radiance overshadowed the mistakes
Now the painting is stuck in your mind and you cannot let it go
All you seem to think about is the painting
How it started one way and morphed into something else

The painting, my friend, is a weak attempt to make you fearful
It was given to you to cause you to doubt
to cause you to fear
Because it does not look like the beginning painting
The artist is a fraud, he can only do mock ups, nothing real comes from him
He presents paintings as imaginative pieces but hides the flaws

However, there is an Artist
When He paints it is flawless, no question about it
What He paints before your eyes becomes reality that you live
He can only make originals and guess what
YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PAINTINGS, An Original Masterpiece.

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