Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Meditation

The enemy desires to keep us separate because of our differences. Differences are not bad they are just what they are differences. We can look different, talk different and actually still have the same faith. When we embrace of differences as people we can then embrace others for who they are without trying to change them. True love is not trying to make a person like you but to embrace them as they are and push them with truth into greatness.

You are PECULIAR! You are UNIQUE! And I love you just as you are.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Meditation

For the last several days, the word "desensitize" has been ringing in my ear and in my spirit. I have quietly asked OUR FATHER what does this mean? He has been giving me bits and pieces to how we as believers have been "desensitized".

This morning I awoke to hear the voice of our LORD say, "My people cannot celebrate sin, for as long as they do the world will never get saved." I pondered on His words for several hours and then I was instructed to write this blog. 

What does desensitize mean to Him? 

As I was pondering His words from my awakening, He spoke to me and said, "The celebration of sin is desensitizing My people from Me." This was disheartening to hear from OUR FATHER. We as believers cannot make any provision for the flesh (Romans 13:14). After receiving CHRIST, we are instructed to put on Christ (Galatians 3:27). We are to wear CHRIST as a garment of RIGHTEOUSNESS that we would not fulfill the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh or the pride of life (First John 2:16) which is the foundation of this world (culture). As long as we celebrate the sin of this world, we are desensitizing ourselves from OUR FATHER and His spiritual benefits for our life. 

Sin is not of the KINGDOM of God. Sin is a foothold that gives the enemy legal right to our lives. Yes, we have all SINNED (Romans 3:23; Romans 5:12) but through CHRIST we are delivered, emancipated and liberated from the curse of sin. Now, we have to utilize self control, maturity and wisdom to not commit sin again. Some of us have been deceived with false teaching that God does not see sin anymore but HE DOES. And as long as we participate or celebrate sin, we are no longer sensitive to Him and His will. 

If we are not to make provisions for our flesh, we have to make decisions that will not allow sin to be an option. Too many people have backslidden because they thought they could handle being around what they were delivered from but did not have the weapons, or did not use them properly, to stay free. The more provision we make for sin, the less we are convicted when we sin. Sin should not be a part of the life of any believer. We have been taught for years that CHRIST died that we would be free from sin. If this is the TRUTH, which it is, why are we so willing to sin? 

For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, - Hebrews 10:26 (KJV)

You said OUR FATHER spoke to you about celebrating sin where does that come in? Glad you asked. When we were of the world, we bragged about the sin we committed. We acted like the sin was the best thing on the planet. We celebrate sin now by acting like sin as no affect on our lives. Like we can sin and God will not discipline us in any way. We act like sin has no consequence, which is a lie. Some believers are living like sin is the new righteousness. We are not allowed to live lawlessly and call it KINGDOM. We are to live morally and as God instructs not as we want like there is no standard. 

We say we love God with our lips but hearts are far from Him (Isaiah 29:13). We cannot love God and not live according to His will and His word. Sin is not the intent of God. He never wanted man to sin but because of free will, man chooses to sin instead of living righteously. We need MORE word in our hearts. Not a memorization but actually allowing the WORD to be written on our hearts. So we will NOT sin against Him. The word will KEEP you if you let it. He will KEEP you if you let Him. We are not to attempt to live without sin of our own accord but with the HELP of the LORD. He is our help. 

We are desensitized to the LORD as long as we are attempting to be like the world. As long as we are trying to fit in with the culture, the language, the style, we are desensitized from the Culture of the Kingdom. Come and let's us return to the LORD, let us take off the weight and the sin that so easily besets us (the sin of the land), we are not to be sinners anymore. We are His beloved, His saints, His sons and we are to OBEY HIM at ALL costs!

Quick Prayer:

Father, desensitized Your people from the culture of the world and sin. Re-sensitize us to Your Word, Kingdom and love. We desire to be the sons of God, so we submit to the MOST HIGH and we resist the devil and His kingdom. We repent for allowing our lives to dishonor you by allowing the flesh of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life to rule our decisions instead of Your Holy Spirit. Re-sensitize us to YOUR PURITY that we no longer agree with sin and filth. CLEANSE US! WASH US! PURGE US! MAKE US WHOLE! We want YOU above all, we surrender, restore us for YOUR Purpose in JESUS' name, AMEN! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Early Morning Meditation

It is 4am and I am wide awake. Not really doing anything and this thought comes to mind: "Life is not a competition with other people but with yourself." This is not the first time I have thought this but for some reason today it stands out more. I am not living to be better than anyone other than the person I was yesterday. I cannot beat anyone being them but I can beat myself being me.

We live in a competitive nation. Always trying to out do some other nation or corporation. That becomes tiring and burdensome. We have to stop trying to keep up with the Jones' and be ourselves fully. Don't do it because it is trendy and fashionable, do it because YOU like it and believe in it. Don't try to blend and fit in, if you stick out like a sore thumb, EMBRACE IT and blaze new trails.

We are all UNIQUE and PECULIAR, we should never attempt to become ordinary and like everyone else. I want to be better than me not better than you. There is only ONE you, be the BEST you and live fully!

Becoming a BETTER me is enough COMPETITION for a lifetime......I am Javon Rahman Bertrand, competitor of BETTER!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quick Word of Encouragement

Sometimes, it is best to take a break. Take some time for yourself to regroup, recoup and prepare for the next assignment and season of your life.

We are 41 days into this 2015 year. The year is prescribed to be a year of success, release and rest. There are 324 days left in 2015, what will you accomplish in this year? Have you planned anything? You have a part to play in your success. Do you have the audacity to be successful?

You have to be willing to coming out of your "comfort zone" and push the boundaries/limitations that have been "set" for you. You are able to do all things with faith and with Christ. There is no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE with God, only I M POSSIBLE! Yes, your dream can be reality. Yes, your vision can come to pass. Dude, I have this HUGE dream, it's not realistic. WHATEVER, a true dream has to be outside of your control, imagination and financial status to be worth working toward.

Make 2015 the year where DETERMINATION will meet WORK. Do not rely on a word alone, put your faith into action. Faith is a verb, it must DO SOMETHING. You are capable of success, YOU ARE SUCCESS! There will be bumps in the road but they should make you more determined not discouraged. Let your passion and zeal work for you.

A dream + a plan + zeal to work = manifestation!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015 

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