Friday, June 13, 2014

The Exposition of the Tabernacle: The Culture Exchange by Javon Rahman Bertrand

The body of Christ has entered a prophetic hour in which our heavenly Father is speaking order, correction and information. Few people are able to truthfully grasp what heaven is saying and disseminate it to the people here in the earth. As such, erroneous teachings, doctrines and false religions are erecting in all four corners of the earth. However, our father is never left without a ram in the bush that will cry aloud, speak the truth and spare not. In this prophetic dissertation, "The Exposition of the Tabernacle - The Culture Exchange", God uses author Javon R. Bertrand to biblically correlate the tabernacle of old to our current time and culture. He not only dissects the various articles of the Tabernacle but Apostolically sets order to so many false teachings that we have heard in our generation. Through this manual, your heart will be passionately overwhelmed to seek to always be found at the Holy Place, a place where revelation flows. As a trailblazer of our time, Javon R. Bertrand emphatically teaches us the tools we need in order to make a change in our modern day, time and culture. Get ready for revelation to download in your life!

Paul K. Ellis, Jr.
Author, "When Saints Pray"
CEO, Ellis & Ellis Consulting Group, LLC

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