Monday, January 29, 2018

Confidence? Pride?

Destroy the thought that your CONFIDENCE is pride! Confidence is the ability to recognize and utilize the gifts and talents properly. Pride is an aggressive and abrasive way of speaking of yourself. With pride, you may be good at what you do but you are forcing on people. With confidence, you just do what you do and allow others to see. #IAmConfident#PrideIsFreeToGoToHell


DO NOT SELF DESTRUCT! Many of us have been on a path of self destruction. We have allowed addictions, fetishes and perversions to real our lives and be our "identities". It is time to face all of those "demons" and be free. India.Arie had a song out sometime ago, "I Am Not My Hair", while let's update that to, "I Am Not My Past". Our pasts are not our identities. Nothing in our past identifies our new selves. It is time to destroy the "self destruct" sequence and activate the LIVE sequence. #NoSelfDestruct #Momentum #Kairos

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Do you hear the call from Heaven into a deeper place? Deeper consecration? Deeper prayer? Deeper study? Do not ignore the call because “I don’t know how”, this is the time to lie down and kick to the side PRIDE. Many of us are missing the deep things of God because of fleshly pride that keeps us from asking questions. Anything that we learn to do was initially something we did not know or understand until we began to do it and ask questions. The deeper place that you hear the call to will not just manifest, you must engage it and walk in it.

Holy Spirit is purposely calling us beyond the realm of our logical and sensual wisdom. This spiritual place is unknown to our flesh and is calling us into a deeper level of trust and faith. Holy Spirit is requiring us to leave that which is comfortable for us, comfortable can become complacent. This deeper place is not a place you can reach in your flesh but ONLY in the SPIRIT. We have heard for years, some of us for decades, that God requires more of enough but we didn’t understand what that meant.

Holy Spirit is leading us into wider, deeper and higher understanding of Him and His Realm, which we call heaven. He is Knowledge and Wisdom personified and we must allow Him to lead us without carnal logic inserting itself. We have to rely on His communicating with our spirit and not trying to make our mind the focus of our obedience. We must allow Him to lead us where our faith is without LIMITS! Too often we limit our faith in Him by allowing logic to reason His instruction and leading.

This season we have to embrace the calling into the deeper.  This new place in the realm of the Spirit is your normal but does not yet seem normal to you. It is still unknown to you until you begin to encounter the depth, width and height of where you are. You cannot determine what is supposed to happen in this realm because you have never been here before. Holy Spirit wants to make you acquainted with Him and this realm even the more. He is calling you into a fresh place and only He knows what you are to expect, receive and encounter in this realm.

Do not wait on man to valid this new place in Him. Though corporately, we are going deeper, our individual deepening many will mislabel because it is not theirs. Man cannot, of his own accord, valid where you are in the realm of the Spirit. This realm has to be discerned by Spirit and not by material possession. As you walk in this deeper place, man will not understand you and some will speak against where you are, fret not continue walking and let Holy Spirit do the rest.

This deeper place will cause a hunger and thirst you may not used to. It will not cause a hunger and thirst in your flesh but in your spirit. You will want more word, to pray more, to worship more, you will be doing these things and not realize it because you are deeper than before. You are in a place of new wine but there is no residue of the old wine. You are coming into a place of no return, the door has been closed behind you and you can only walk forward with Him.

As Holy Spirit is calling you deeper, you have to allow Him deeper in you. Do not expect to be in a deeper place in Him and you have Him in a shallow place in your heart. There has to be an even exchange here. The more He gives the more you give. Do not miss this place by putting walls up to Holy Spirit. Your internal walls must come down, bring down Jericho in your soul and let Holy Spirit in. Once Holy Spirit is allowed in, you will begin to encounter freshness and newness in Him. The deeper place in Him is a maturing place, a growing place and He is the Lead, the Light and the Guide through it.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Competition: I Am A Competitor For Better

"Life is not a competition with other people but with yourself." This is not the first time I have thought this but for some reason today it stands out more. I am not living to be better than anyone other than the person I was yesterday. I cannot beat anyone being them but I can beat myself being me.

We live in a competitive nation. Always trying to out do some other nation or corporation. That becomes tiring and burdensome. We have to stop trying to keep up with the Jones' and be ourselves fully. Don't do it because it is trendy and fashionable, do it because YOU like it and believe in it. Don't try to blend and fit in, if you stick out like a sore thumb, EMBRACE IT and blaze new trails.

We are all UNIQUE and PECULIAR, we should never attempt to become ordinary and like everyone else. I want to be better than me not better than you. There is only ONE you, be the BEST you and live fully!

Becoming a BETTER me is enough COMPETITION for a lifetime......I am Javon Rahman Bertrand, competitor of BETTER!