Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Biography Of Prophets

“In his book, The Biography of the Prophet, Apostle Bertrand debunks the myths and assumptions that we have turned into doctrine around the prophet and prophetics. In addition to giving clarity, he lays open the life of the prophet, by bringing to life the stories of the prophets of old. Many books speak to what the prophets of old spoke and how God use them to bring healing, deliverance, and hope to His people. Yet in this book, we see the life of the prophet in a way, that will bring humanity to these men and women in the midst of them doing superhuman acts. Quite simply, you will begin to see the beautiful struggle that we who are called to the prophetic, must contend with. The struggle of being a conduit and mouthpiece of God…to speak His divine truths, that in some cases His people will reject, and in turn reject you. Through these stories, you will begin to better understand your own story as a prophetic person.” – Alejandro Baldwin

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