Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Is Your Relationship Status With God?

What Is Your Relationship Status With God?

We must identify the state of our personal relationships with God.

SINgle: When we are single we live life for ourselves. We date as we will and we are not committed to anyone but ourselves. This type of relationship towards God is never a good one. SINgle life in the spiritual leads to pride, haughtiness, deception and perversion. This relationship always has time to find what it is looking for. SINgle can be wild and crazy but it is not very satisfying.

Dating: A dating relationship with God is a relationship where you deal with God at your leisure. This type of relationship has a more dedicated feel to it but it is still not fully committed. A dating relationship has a level of commitment, however, at any moment it can end to date someone or some other people.

Engaged An engaged relationship with God has a plan to make a full covenantal commitment. This type of relationship is planning to spend the rest of their life with God but has not made the full step. There is a plan for a wedding to make it “legal”. Engagements can last long lengths on time depending upon the true level of commitment to be with God forever.

Married: A married relationship with God is totally committed to a lifelong covenant with God. This marital relationship causes us to live for God not ourselves alone. We are willing to fully His will and word at all costs, We are determined to prove our love and commitment to Him on a daily basis. We have put away our need to be SINgle, to date and to be with others.

Adulterous: This type of relationship is when we have made a commitment but we decided to step out anyway. We do not find fulfillment in our relationship with God so we attempt to find fulfillment in other ways. Our “I do” is no longer enough to hold us to our covenant. This type of relationship is life being SINgle while being married.

Can you identify your relationship with God?

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