Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Modern Day Culture Exchange

A Modern Day Culture Exchange

A young man lived a life to please others. He did all he could within himself to make others happy. He worked hard in school to make his family proud. He attempted to excel at everything he tried, looking for what he perceived as signs of love. He tried to buy friends with compliments and gifts, thinking they would love him forever. He did all he could to get love externally because he did not love himself internally. He grew up without his biological father or any male role models, so he sought the love of a man. The love every son desires from his father he did not receive. He just wanted love. When all he did for others did not yield his expected results, he began to seek love in other ways.
As he sought the love of a father and did not receive it, his seeking became perverse. Now the love that should only come from his father, he sought in sexual experiences with other men. He was having sex with men twice, sometimes three times, his age. He became a pleaser in this area too. He just wanted love but had no idea how to really receive the love he was seeking. In the midst of his perversion, he thought of suicide often. He became addicted to pornography and masturbation and felt like he was never going to be loved or be good enough for anything or anyone.
His culture was perverse. No love. Constant sexual encounters that made him feel used and filthy. He thought death would be better than living. A clouded and perverse culture caused him to feel like the world would be better off without him. He went to church every Wednesday and Sunday, but he never encountered Christ. He knew what pastor said across the pulpit, but he had never had a personal encounter with Christ. He lived in the perversion culture for eight years.
One Thursday, he had a personal encounter with Christ. He stood in his living room praying and crying out to the Lord. He wanted to be free and knew it was only through Christ. He prayed and he cried and prayed and cried and around 4pm Christ showed up. Christ and the young man had an encounter with one another. This encounter allowed the young man to see the spirit of perversion come out of him and split in seven different directions through his living room’s picture window. Since that day, the young man has lived for the Lord. He has learned who He is in God through Christ. He is no longer the same person he was because cultures have been exchanged. That young man carries the DNA of God and is a Son of God in the earth. That young man penned this book.

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