Tuesday, July 15, 2014


VALUE: This is a season to really know and live in value. Everything and everyone has a VALUE (relative worth, utility, or importance). DO you value God? Do you value other people? Do you value yourself? I personally, just had to realize I lived at my own devalued state. As much as I minister to and help others, I did not see that I have a significant value (worth) in the earth and the Kingdom of God. God Himself had to destroy the insecurities I had in living in my RIGHT VALUE! When you do not understand your value, you will take everything from everyone.

What is your value to God? – God values you so much, He sacrificed His only begotten Son so you can become His son, WOW! The value God has placed on you in immeasurable but many of us do not receive our value because of an un-renewed mind. God values you so much He has given you PURPOSE and DESTINY! Allow your mind to be REnewed (made over) to see and receive the value of God for you.

What is your value to yourself? – This is not to make you prideful but realize you have worth. Worth does not make you better than anyone else but it does cause you to see what you are offering and supplying to others. Take time to allow Abba to reveal your worth in His earth and His kingdom. When God reveals your VALUE, receive it. He is ALL-KNOWING what He speaks is truth.

What is your value to others? – This is important. We cannot devalue how others receive us. The way others receive us is the value they have for us within themselves. Every person value of you is different because you supply something different to them. Are you offering anything of value to others?


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