Monday, July 21, 2014

The Restoration of Teachers

Restoration of the gift of the Teacher!!

Teachers are utilized by the Father to breakdown to the simplest form. After the other four ministry gifts have ministered, the teacher will dispense the word where all can receive. Teaching is as important as pulpit ministry, prophesying and working miracles. Teaching will define what the pastor or senior leader cannot address while ministering. Teaching will clarify prophecy by explaining symbolisms and codes of the Spirit realm.

The TEACHER must be restored to bring balance and practicality to the word of God. The balance that will come will keep us as a whole from extremes that draw us away from the reality of God’s word. Balance will teach you to enjoy a holy life without telling you everything will send you to hell or cause God disappointment. Practicality is the ability to apply what we have been taught. This is what teachers teach how to live the word daily.

Do not overlook the restoration of teachers. Teachers are anointed vessels used by God.

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