Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Meditation

I am early. I am excited, nervous a little bundle of emotions, lol. As I am preparing for Meet The Author's second stop in this CityWide book tour, I recognize the change that has been made in me. This book tour would not have happened a couple of years ago but it is happening now. I felt that any form of publicizing what I had accomplished was "prideful", so I didn't do it. However, OUR FATHER had to correct my perspective and thinking. He taught me that I was not prideful or idolizing myself to speak of the accomplishments and successes that have manifest. He corrected my thoughts and with a renewed mind, I am here doing a book tour.

Many of us are missing opportunities because of incorrect perspectives.
Many of us are missing opportunities because we have been blinded by our "stinking thinking".

We have to allow God to correct our perspective and thoughts that we are not missing what He has set course for in our lives. We make plans but He establishes our steps. I am now walking in PROPHECY FULFILLED because I allowed correction to make me better.

Correction leads to YOUR BETTER!

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