Thursday, February 8, 2018

Focus - Apostolic Resounding - Word and Vision

APOSTOLIC RESOUNDING ~ Prophetic Word & Vision

With all of the prophetic words that are being released to end 2017 and begin 2018, no matter what, keep FOCUS. Many of the words are coming are right out of the mouth of God, however, your focus will determine the manifestation thereof. The enemy will attempt to whisper to us like he did Eve, will attempt to tempt us he did Jesus and even bite us like Paul was bitten but do not lose FOCUS!
Focus in the season is not about how you stay entrenched in one thing or another but how you apply the word of the Lord and leading of Holy Spirit. We have taught and prophesied “laser” focus and it has derailed people. Focus is about being about to stay on track regardless of natural or spiritual happenings. We cannot be distracted by the things of nothingness when we are processing to GREATNESS!
Holy Spirit is requiring our FOCUS because FOCUS produces double peace (shalom shalom) (Isaiah 26:3). When we keep our mind in and on God we will see greater than we have ever seen before. God is asking for us to keep the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16 and Philippians 2:5) which is more than a spiritual mind. We need to purpose in our hearts to keep our eye, intent and obedience focused on Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit does more than speak about the church and “church stuff”. It is time to hear His direction in all thing pertaining to our lives.
FOCUS also knows how to ask for help. Focus is never seeking to do anything alone but is willing to learn and apply winning strategies from others.
As an abundance of proper words are coming to your life and atmosphere, STAY FOCUSED. Focused that no bird will come and eat the seed of the word. Focused that the ground of your soul is toned to receive the word of the Lord. Focus will defeat the attacks of the enemy including the enemy within called self-destruction. Do not lose focus, heart or confidence through the process of manifestation. FOCUS!
Write goals, FOCUS. Research your industry, FOCUS. Get Books, take classes, FOCUS. Invest in your gift, talent, function, FOCUS. Take your eye off everyone else and get to work, FOCUS!
The VISION (December 30, 2017): Early this morning in the midst of an apostolic huddle, I had a very clear vision:
I saw People like cars on a freeway. As The traffic begins to slow down, the people (cars) begin to become impatient. I see what seems to be an exit. But this exit has no freeway signs to indicate it is an exit. This “exit” literally appeared out of nowhere. The people start taking this “false exit”.
At this point I see the cars on the freeway and those taking the exit because of their impatience. I then see that this false exit is a distraction. Once the people get off on this false exit, there are no road, no way back to the freeway and there is nothing that pertains to life. The people who took the exact are now trapped and unable to get back where they need to be. This exit has become a place of destruction and death.
Because of impatience people they lost FOCUS! In losing focus, the end was not good. DO NOT LOSE FOCUS!

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