Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Truth You Should Know ~ Kim Davis

For the last several days, a Rowan County Clerk by the name of Kim Davis has been in the news and subject of a great debate. Many people are speaking without knowing the truth and spewing incorrect information as concrete opinion.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is not sanctioned to make laws. The decision that came down from the Supreme Court earlier this year about same-sex marriage DID NOT make a law. There is no federal law that makes provision for same-sex marriage federally. Many people do not know this and are saying that Kim Davis broke the law, however, this is not true because there is NO LAW making same-sex legal in America. So, Kim Davis did not break a federal law. 

Until Congress, the branch of the US government that makes laws, actually amends the constitution, there is no law in support of same-sex marriage. 

The State of Kentucky
“Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Kentucky. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.” The above is directly from the constitution of the State of Kentucky. The Supreme Court has not authority to overthrow the constitution of any state. The constitution of Kentucky is what Kim Davis is required to stand on as an elected official of Kentucky. So again, Kim Davis broke no law. 

Kim Davis, Apostolic Believer
Kim Davis, the elected County Clerk of Rowan County, is a 4-year reborn Believer in Jesus Christ. When she ran for County Clerk, same-sex marriage was not an issue nationally. Many people are saying, "she should have just done her job", and they have a right to their opinion, however, to issue a license to same-sex couples when there is no law that gives her authority to do so, is NOT doing her job, it is overstepping her limitations. 

Many people have tried to slander Kim Davis speaking of the divorces she has had in the past. Many people have no idea that those divorces happened before she accepted Christ, so to say she is wrong because she was divorced is to agree with the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10). All of those divorces, adultery, etc, is under the blood through repentance and no person has the right to bring up her pass as she stands on her faith and the law of the land as County Clerk. No one has the right to demonize a person because of their past. Many passed judgment on Kim Davis because of what happened before she received Christ, which is unfair and agreeing with hell. 

The debate of is she right or wrong has gotten very heated. I have seen many debates get nasty and downright out of order. Whether you agree with her or not, honor her stand. She is not asking anyone to do what she did but she stood on what she believes in and who she believes in. Some say Kim Davis is a hero or say she is a traitor, whatever your opinion of her, remember you will have to stand for something and may be disagreed with. Kim Davis was not looking to be made a spectacle of but to stand for her Savior and obey what she felt she heard through prayer and fasting.

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