Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Apostle Bertrand teaches from the book he authored on the Tabernacle. The Culture Exchange class was taught with clarity, insight and much wisdom. It is great to see the extreme care God put into the process of salvation and redemption for us. If one comes away from this class and doesn’t take their salvation seriously, or if they come away STILL not understanding the IMPORTANCE of holiness, then, nothing more can be said. Apostle Bertrand is a profound teacher. He takes time and is concerned about the students; making sure they GET it. GREAT BOOK AND AWESOME CLASS EXPERIENCE!!

Dunamis Teaching Tuesdays ~ 6 Weeks of Teaching and Revelation

The Culture Exchange will cover the instruments and design of the tabernacle (as given to Moses), the foreshadow of Christ and present-day truth revelation of both!

$25 (PayPal: or Google Wallet:

The Exposition of the Tabernacle: The Culture Exchange $15.99 (plus shipping and handling) or ebook $6.99

Class begins Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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