Monday, July 20, 2015

The Truth You Need To Know III ~ Brokenness

There is doctrine/teaching being presented in many fellowships around the church world. This doctrine/teaching is causing many people to be beneath the PROMISES of OUR FATHER because this doctrine is not according to His word. The doctrine is about brokenness. 

Over the years, I have heard the following:

"You have to be broken for God to use you."

"The Supernatural only comes through broken vessels."

And many other false statements repeated by people who are in leadership. It is used as a weapon to not to allow people to flow in their natural and spiritual gifts. These statements, this teaching is destroying people's thoughts and confidence in what God has spoken to them. 

I was once a believer in this doctrine until Holy Spirit rebuked me. He said, "It was never my intent to break what has already been broken." I pondered this statement for several days then He spoke again, "My promise is to HEAL you not break you, sin already broke you not I am here to RESTORE you." As I took into meditation and prayer what I heard, I began to weep. I was begging God to break me and that prayer would never be answer because it was against His will. I was praying amiss and hindering my own self because of a teaching that didn't line up with His word or His promise for His sons.

If you search the 179 verses that contain the word "broken", none of them come from OUR FATHER towards us. He is not willing to break you. Man was created in perfection, lived in a utopia and had the most intimate relationship with OUR FATHER until he sinned. When man sins it is because he is broken and needs to be restore to his original intent and realigned with his divine purpose. Sin breaks you not God. 

Here are the 6 definitions of broken according to
1:  violently separated into parts: shattered
2: Damaged or altered by breaking: as 

a:  having undergone or been subjected to fracture <a broken leg>

b of land surfaces:  being irregular, interrupted, or full of obstacles 

c:  violated by transgression <a broken promise>

e  :  disrupted by change 

of a tulip flower  :  having an irregular, streaked, or blotched pattern especially from virus infection 

a  :  made weak or infirm 

b  :  subdued completely :  crushedsorrowful <a broken heart> <a broken spirit>

c  :  bankrupt

d  :  reduced in rank 

a  :  cut off :  disconnected

b  :  imperfectly spoken or written <broken English>

:  not complete or full <a broken bale of hay>
:  disunited by divorce, separation, or desertion of one parent <children from broken homes> <a broken family>

As you read these definitions, all of this happens at the hand of sin and not the hand of God. Do these things really sound like they will make you more usable by God? Will that make you a better vessel for the supernatural? 

Brokenness is not a state of the Kingdom. We as kingdom citizens are to be made whole (healed, liberated) that we might share the WITNESS of His power through salvation. Christ did not die for you to be broken, sin already did that, but that you would be made WHOLE. Brokenness is a state where many people are confused, abused and misled, we are to be WHOLE. Nothing missing and nothing broken, walking in the SHALOM of our KING!

Ephesians 4:27 ~ neither give place to the devil. 

Place in this scripture comes from the Greek word, "topos" which is transliterated to mean:
1  place, any portion or space marked off, as it were from surrounding space
1                    an inhabited place, as a city, village, district
2                    a place (passage) in a book
2  metaph.
1                    the condition or station held by one in any company or assembly
2                    opportunity, power, occasion for acting

As long as we remain broken we give place to the devil. We give him place, space, opportunity and many times power to operate in our mind, our lives. We have to seek WHOLENESS and allow HOLY SPIRIT to seal us up that the enemy has no entry point. Wholeness will keep us of contamination. Pure, living water is to flow from our bellies as we believe the scripture about Christ. He is whole and we are to wear Him as a garment, we cannot be whole and broken at the same time. He has not promised to make us whole and then break us again. We are broken from the systems and cultures of this world that is full of sin, however, in the Kingdom wholeness is our portion, our birthright and our promise. 

I remember years ago, I was praying and asking to be broken. I spent hours asking HOLY SPIRIT to break me and when I stopped to hear, He said to me, "Why would I break you? I don't need you broken this is why I promised to heal you and make you whole. I am not calling for brokenness but wholeness." This correction and rebuke changed my life. I felt I was inadequate because I wasn't broken enough and HOLY SPIRIT was not requiring it at all. He later said to me, "I cannot send broken men into a broken place to bring healing. I need you to be WHOLE so that you can lead others to Me and I can set them free." This revelation also changed me from the inside out, it change my prayer and my understanding. 

As I have been writing this blog, I actually stopped because I felt people would want to hold to their own thinking. While in service yesterday, we were admonished to complete what we had been instructed to do. I am completing this blog for the purpose of releasing truth. Truth is needed in this hour to SET captives free, even those who do no know they are in bondage. Let us redirect our focus on the promise of WHOLENESS and not the false thought of needing to be broken for His service. 

Holy Spirit has been saying to me this morning that we have to get like Jesus in John 14:30: 

Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. 
We cannot have any lies, false teachings, deceptions, or false prophecies for all of those things give the devil place in us. We have to ask for a BATH in the WORD of God, a fresh filling of HOLY SPIRIT, who is the SPIRIT of TRUTH and believe CHRIST like never before. Let us be made WHOLE! 

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