Monday, April 20, 2015

Meet The Author Finale Update!

February 28, March 21 and April 18, 2015 have changed my thinking and my life. These three dates were the totality of my book tour, "Meet The Author". After today's book signing which turned into prayer, counseling and prophetic impartation, I realize even more how weighty this authorship and scribal ministry is. I am honored to be anointed as OUR FATHER'S transcriber in the earth.

I want to thank God's WorldBaker's Bible & Bookstore and Discount Bible Book & Music Store for hosting Meet the Author for this book tour. Each of these stores were hospitable and gracious to me and my staff. Thank you for being a beckon in the community for DISCIPLES and SONS to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the word and our faith. 
This is NOT the end but ONLY the beginning. As Prophetess Speller said, " We have taken the city, now the region and then the world"! I receive the prophecy and I will walk it out. 
Kingdom Love ~ JRB aka Apostle J

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