Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quick Word of Encouragement

Sometimes, it is best to take a break. Take some time for yourself to regroup, recoup and prepare for the next assignment and season of your life.

We are 41 days into this 2015 year. The year is prescribed to be a year of success, release and rest. There are 324 days left in 2015, what will you accomplish in this year? Have you planned anything? You have a part to play in your success. Do you have the audacity to be successful?

You have to be willing to coming out of your "comfort zone" and push the boundaries/limitations that have been "set" for you. You are able to do all things with faith and with Christ. There is no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE with God, only I M POSSIBLE! Yes, your dream can be reality. Yes, your vision can come to pass. Dude, I have this HUGE dream, it's not realistic. WHATEVER, a true dream has to be outside of your control, imagination and financial status to be worth working toward.

Make 2015 the year where DETERMINATION will meet WORK. Do not rely on a word alone, put your faith into action. Faith is a verb, it must DO SOMETHING. You are capable of success, YOU ARE SUCCESS! There will be bumps in the road but they should make you more determined not discouraged. Let your passion and zeal work for you.

A dream + a plan + zeal to work = manifestation!

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