Thursday, August 28, 2014

Answer or Ignore?

This is a very critical and vital time in the realm of the Spirit and in the earth. You have to be aware of what is coming to attempt to sabotage, side swap and derail your momentum for the Kingdom of God. There calls that are getting ready to come your way and you have to answer properly. There are only two options, ANSWER or IGNORE. If you answer you are agreeing to the call and the deposit from the caller. While, if you ignore, you are disagreeing and refusing to receive the deposit form the other end.

Negative Calls:

1. Your Past ~ Because you have been delivered and set free from your past, it will attempt to call you back. The very things you have overcome now attempt to get back into your life. Do not allow a dead thing, YOUR PAST, get in your ear and backtrack you. These calls can come from former lovers, old acquaintances and even new people in your life. This call will come and slickly present your past and attempt to tempt, seduce and draw you away from your current place.

2. Faithlessness ~ Faithlessness is calling trying to cause you worry, stress, doubt and unbelief. Faithlessness cause extreme frustration, spiritual exhaustion and mental battles. Do not allow Faithlessness to deposit deception, temptation and weariness. This call comes and attempts to tell you how impossible your goals, dreams and visions are. This call comes to interrupt your declaration and execution of faith by expressing bad experiences and false wisdom which is actually fear.

3. Elitism ~ Elitism is calling to isolate you from the unity of the kingdom. You are not an island unto yourself. You cannot achieve the will or Kingdom of God without other believers. Elitism will cause you to be carnally judgmental, emotionally irrational and spiritually disjointed. This call comes to make you think everyone is a hater, an enemy and that everyone is against you.

4. Procrastination ~ Procrastination is calling to cause you to live by excuses instead of living in production. Also, procrastination is calling to make you lazy and impoverished. Procrastination comes hard toward those who have set goals, who are working on projects and those who have being moving forward in the things of God. This call comes to convince you that your labor is in vain, that you are not appreciated so why keep going and attempts to make you feel like nothing is worth doing.

5. Confusion ~ Confusion wants you to be unclear and without understanding. Confusion tries to manipulate what you have heard from God with your flesh or with the whispers of the enemy. Confusion attempts to keep you between two opinions instead of being solid on where and what you are doing. Confusion is also calling trying to destroy relationships, fellowships and lives.

These 5 calls are coming hard for those who have determined to do the MEAT of the one who sent them. Will you ANSWER or IGNORE?

Even with the aforementioned calls, there will be calls that will benefit you.

Positive Calls:

1. Destiny ~ The purposes and will of God are the composition of your destiny. You are called to obey the will of God while living the purpose of God. This call will reassure you of what God has said and is saying concerning you and what you are called to do. Destiny calling is a postponer, like a GPS. When destiny calls it is to let you know you are in the right position.

2. Revelation ~ Revelation is calling to give you LIFE. Revelation is from the Spirit and Breathe of God and His words will give you life. Revelation is more than having a message to preach or a prophecy to release; it is the understanding of advanced and accelerated knowledge of your identity, faith and life in Christ.

3. Prophecy ~ Prophecy is calling you. Prophecy that has been released over your life is calling you. Calling to remind you of what God has spoken and even the word that has come from your own mouth. Prophecy is calling to remind you of the instruction of the Lord. Prophecy is calling you to give direction, purpose and illumination to what you are to be fulfilling.

4. God ~ God is calling you. GOD is CALLING you. This is not about a ministry but about relationship. He is calling to commune, fellowship and dine with you. He is calling you into a REAL relationship with Him. One where you and He can laugh, sing, enjoy each other's presence and shower each other with love. GOD IS CALLING YOU!




What Will You Do?


  1. My God from Zion..... Thank you for this Man of God. Very enlightening.....

  2. Whew! Powerful and tranforming! Thank you Apostle Javon for always being a pure conduit for God to reveal His heart and Kingdom to His people and the world. You make His name GREAT!!